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On this page you will find details about my participation in several other games.

Madeline (2021)

This was my first game, and it is a precision platformer in the Action/Adventure and puzzle genres. Due to this fusion of genres, the player is faced with challenges that require both agility and strategy.

My role: Game, Narrative and Level Designer.
Creation of NPCs and story.
Balancing player and enemies mechanics, and implementing the single level (external world and rift).

Team size: 3 members.


SKY Tower (2022)

This was a project created for CTRL Alt Jam. It's a retro platform game in which the player must climb a tower facing enemies and environmental obstacles so that they can face the final boss.

My role: Level designer.
Idealization and implementation of all phases of the game, ensuring a balance of difficulty during the player's progression, and creating challenges that gradually required more skill and agility.

Team size: 2 members.


Crack the Media (2022)

A trivia party game for up to 4 players. This game consists of 1 board and 52 cards, each with its own QR Code so that the player can decipher the challenge of categories that involve specific knowledge about popular culture.

Project developed for the subject of the Digital Games course at UNICAP.

My role: Game Designer.
Responsible for creating all the game rules and instruction manual.

Team size: 4 members.


The Truth About the Stars (2022)

Developed for Game Jam Plus, and submitted for the "Retell a Tale" and "Tales of Us" categories. The focus of this game was to retell the story of Naiá, the Vitória Régia of Brazilian folklore, in a fun and interactive way in a 2D platform game with a strong plot.

The game reached 8th position globally among the games submitted for the categories mentioned above.

My role: Game and Narrative Designer.
I created the entire narrative (based on Brazilian culture) and dialogues for the game, in addition to co-idealizing the gameplay rules, setting, identity of the main character and its core mechanics.

Team size: 5 members.


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