Carolina Queiroz

(EN) Koko and the Ancient Spirits

Jan 15, 2024


"Koko and the Ancient Spirits" was a project created for a Game Jam (#1 LudiJam), and it secured the third place overall in the competition.

Koko is an apprentice shaman on a quest to free lost ancestors. In this adventure, he must rescue the spirits of two ancient and unusual animals, involving a top-down puzzle game with a lot of exploration.

 - Technical Information

Engine: Construct 3.
Available platforms: WebGL e Windows/PC.
Softwares I've used: Miro, Construct 3.

- Download: access here.

 - The team: 5 developers

Programming: Pedro H. Borba
Art: Aryana P. Moralli
Game Design: Carolina Queiroz  | João Carlos Lacerda
Level Design: Carolina Queiroz
Music & Sound Effects: Dan Medeiros

 - Project Duration: 10 days.

Game Design:

 - Idea and synopsys

The theme of the game jam was "Unusual Animals", and that's why I decided to create a story about a shaman (Koko) who discovers a cave where two spirits of unusual animals, the Hercules Beetle, and the Axolotl, are trapped in their spiritual forms.

The connection between the shamanic figure and animals is a common characteristic in many shamanic traditions around the world. This connection is often symbolic and spiritual, representing a form of communication and collaboration between the shaman and the energies of the animals.

 - Mechanics, levels and curiosities

1. The human, the beetle and the axolotl

During the game, the player needs to assume different forms to help Koko achieve his goal of freeing the spirits of the unusual animals that were trapped.

In human form, the player can light torches and release the spirits of the animals being sought. In Beetle form, the player can push rocks. And as an Axolotl, the player can illuminate a large area around them.

Each of these mechanics was designed to complement the challenges of their respective stages: initially, the Beetle stage is entirely focused on solving puzzles that require the player to push rocks to unlock the gate that leads to the next stage.

In a later stage, the Axolotl phase is centered around exploration, where the player finds themselves searching for an exit within a completely dark maze, illuminated only by the torches that the human lights and the inherent power of the Axolotl to illuminate itself.